• You Can Use a Power Rake Instead of a Sod Cutter To Save You Some Time

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    Using a power rake is one of the best ways to get rid of dead grass. In the past, I have tried hard to get rid of sod. If people wanted it done immediately, then I had use sod cutters. It was a lot of time and a ton of work. Not only do you have to cut out the sod, but you also have to roll up all of the sod up and haul it off. Then, you’re going to have to bring in new topsoil to make up for all of the soil that was removed when you took out the sod. There is an easier way to replace your grass that doesn’t take as much time and effort.

    The easiest way to remove dead grass and weeds for lawn is to spray your entire lawn with a nonselective weed killer and then power rake your lawn. A nonselective weed killer will kill everything that it comes into contact with, so be sure to wear gloves, and safety glasses when you are spraying it on your lawn. You want to allow the nonselective weed killer about 10 days for it to turn all of your grass and weeds yellow.

    The next thing that you want to do is to rent a power rake and power rake your lawn on a fairly deep setting. Power raking will help you to get rid of the grass that is there, so that you can replant it with new grass. This is also a great way to get rid of weeds that keep on coming back into your lawn year after year.

    After you’re done power raking your entire lawn, the easiest way to have a new lawn is to simply sod over the entire area. If you are just learning how to install sod, it is also a good idea to put a little bit of starter fertilizer underneath the sod and also on top of it. Make sure that you water your lawn regularly for the next three weeks until the new sod has taken hold. Within 12 months of putting down the sod, you also want to water frequently to will help your roots to grow deeply into the soil.

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