• Three Different Times When Lawn Repair Is Necessary

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    Even though there are several different times when you may want to do lawn repair, there are three different times when lawn repair is necessary. First of all, if your lawn happens to be damaged by drought, then you may need to do some serious lawn repair. If this is the case with your lawn, you want to know how to fix a lawn.

    Last summer, there was a small portion of my lawn that didn’t get watered very often. The result was that the grass completely died. This year, I have already raked out all the surface of the lawn, and I’m looking forward to installing new grass and topsoil. Not all of the grass that was damaged by drought died. Only about 50% of it did. If this is the way your lawn is, you want to rake or power rake your lawn and remove everything that is dead. This will give you a clean surface to start with. Then, you’ll want to put down seed, topsoil, and starter fertilizer. Make sure to water your lawn regularly for the first four or five weeks, until the grass has had a chance to become established. Most of the time, you can start replanting as early as March, but it does depend a little bit on where you live.

    Another thing that can damage your lawn is insects. Insect damage isn’t as bad when they eat the grass on top of your lawn, but when you have grubs under your grass and eating the roots, you’re going to have to tear out the dead sod before you can replace it and reseed it. Generally, you need to make sure to do a very good job when you are tearing out the sod. If you don’t do a very good job, then you are going to end up having to tear out and replace your lawn. Usually, you want to use a power rake to get the sod out, then you’re going to want to use topsoil and grass seed in order to get a nice looking lawn.

    The last type of damage that could affect your lawn is lawn disease. Generally lawn disease is not fatal to the lawn. It only kills off part of the grass. If you have lawn disease, then the first thing you want to do is to treat your lawn with a fungicide that will take care of the disease. Then, you want to thatch out all of the unhealthy grass, and then overseed it. Generally, you can fix lawn disease simply by improving the irrigation of your lawn, or watering your lawn less frequently, but for longer periods of time.

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