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    Learn About Sod Cutters and Tips to Save You Time and Money

    In this video, the lady is using a small sod cutter. It is important to notice that the blade is constantly moving and cutting. when you use a sod cutter, you set the depth that you want to cut at. Usually, the depth is somewhere between three quarters of an inch and an inch and a half, depending on whether or not you want to reuse the sod. Make sure to mark were all of your sprinkler heads are before you start using a sod cutter. If you don’t mark them, you will probably cut the heads off of them. I have only done this once, but you feel kind of stupid when it happens and you have to replace the head. I like this video below because the lady has never even used a lawnmower, and she is operating a sod cutter. I figure if she can operate a sod cutter successfully, then there is hope for everyone reading this blog!

    When I need to cut up sod, I usually rent a sod cutter. I’ve done the job by hand four or five times, but I prefer to use a gas powered sod cutter because it is a lot faster and easier. The job of sod cutting is hard enough, but trying to do the job by hand with a manual sod cutter or with a flat shovel makes it even harder. As a landscaper, I charge people per the square foot for cutting out and removing sod. (usually, there is a 500 square-foot minimum.) If you have to remove a thousand square feet of sod, the charge would be around $500- $700. You can save a lot of money if you do the job yourself. This site will teach you all about sod cutters and how to use them and save money!

    Trying to remove 1000 ft.² of sod will probably take you 7 to 8 hours. I suggest you find someone to help if you want to finish the job in one day. You can save yourself some money by doing the work yourself and renting a machine. Generally you’re going to be paying $70 to $80 to rent a sod cutter and about $50 for the dump fee. I have found that with a three-quarter ton truck or a trailer, you can call about five hundred square feet of sod in each load.

    If you are planning on reusing the sod, you may want to get it a little bit wet before you cut it. Otherwise, it is best to cut it dry. Dry sod is a lot easier to pick up and move. The most sod cutters that are designed for home use, have 16 or 18 inch blades. When you’re cutting sod, you want to make sure to keep your blade as level as possible. If you are going to be reusing the sod, you probably want to cut it a little bit deeper.

    Sod Cutting Tips

    A sod cutter is a pretty fun machine to use because it is loud and has large tires. Most sod cutters have three gears. The first two gears are slow and super slow. If you have never used a sod cutter before, you probably want to stick to using the first two gears. Also, there is generally a gear that moves the machine in reverse. Make sure that you have your blade out of the ground before you start moving your machine in reverse. The blade that moves backwards and forwards right underneath the roots of the lawn. You can set the depth on your sod cutter before you use it. If you are planning on moving or reusing the sod, you want to go down to a depth of 1 to 1 ½ inches. If you are just removing the sod and getting rid of it, you don’t want to go quite as deep. Usually three quarters of an inch to an inch is fine. You want there to be just enough dirt to hold the grass together so that you can roll it up and dispose of it.

    The most important thing to do when you’re removing sod is to go and straight lines and keep the machine level as you go. if you not go in a straight line every time, you will have a lot of extra little pieces you’ll have to get rid of. (remember to mark your sprinkler heads) Make sure that you plan out out your path across the lawn. Most of the time it is best to go across the long lengthwise so that you can cover the most distance possible. Some people will try and turn the sod cutter while they are using it. a lot of machines today will actually cut the strips that equal links, but if you’re sod cutter doesn’t do this you probably will want to use a knife and cut the sod in 3 foot strips. It is best to go slow. And then when you get to the end, pull the blades out turn the machine around and then get it set up for another pass.

    When I am cutting out sod for my customers, I am generally the one that is using the sod cutter and I have an employee that is rolling up all the sod, putting the roles into a wheel barrel, and loading them into the truck. If you can find some one who is cheap labor, invite them to help you cut out your sod and move it. (I recommend teenagers for this kind of manual labor, because it helps them to develop character and also study harder in school.) if you are cutting out 1000 ft.² of lawn, it is going to take you a few hours to get all of the sod rolled up and put into a wheel barrel so that you can move it or haul it away. As a landscaper for eight years, we did a lot of lawn repair. When loans were really bad, we ended up having to take them out. I mostly work by myself now, but when I do have a sod cutting job, I try and always try and bring someone with me.

    Tips for Renting a Sod Cutter

    If you’re going to rent a sod cutter, you may also need to borrow a ramp to get it in and out of your truck bed, or else rent a small trailer. make sure that you try out the machine before you bring it home. That way you can test to see that it starts, and that gears are working properly. It can be quite a chore to pick that machine up by yourself and put it into your truck. I always recommend getting the 18 inch sod cutter over the 12 inch model because it is much faster, and easier to keep level while you are using it.

    After removing the sod, learn how to lay sod, or how to seed lawn.

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